OZZY And SHARON Guest On 'The Howard Stern Show'

October 21, 2004

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were guests on "The Howard Stern Show" on Wednesday (Oct. 20). A synopsis of their appearance on the program, as reported by MarksFriggin.com, follows:

"Howard came back from break and brought in Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. He said that they have a bunch of things to promote and one of them was this 'Battle for Ozzfest' that's airing on MTV. This was the first time Ozzy had been on the show since his ATV accident. Howard asked him if he ever has any plastic surgery on his face to keep himself looking so young. He said he doesn't have anything done, not even botox. Ozzy said that Sharon has had some things done to her lips and stuff like that. Howard thought that Ozzy had to have been doing something though because he still looks pretty young. Ozzy said the alcohol and drugs pickle you after all those years. He also said that he works out rigorously. He's been off of alcohol and drugs for a full 6 months now but Howard wondered how long that's going to last. Sharon thinks he's off of that stuff for good.

"Ozzy made a comment about his wife wearing a wig and laughed about it so Howard thought that he might be high this morning. Sharon told him he's high on life. Ozzy went on to tell Howard about his ATV accident last year and how he was told not to tour for 18 months. He went right out and toured after that though. Howard said that he gets kind of pissed at Sharon about the way she shops because she's the one keeping Ozzy on the road touring. Sharon said she knew Howard was going to go there. Howard told Ozzy to go to his accountant and find out how much he's really worth because he never kept track of that stuff. Ozzy said he was going to take control from Sharon but that only lasted for about an hour.

"Howard talked to Sharon and Ozzy about their daughter Kelly who was on recently. She wasn't talking about much with him though. Howard was talking to her about the guys who she has dated that he saw on 'The Osbournes' but Ozzy said he never watches the show so he wouldn't know anything about that. Ozzy and his family went through a lot on their MTV show. Sharon got cancer, Ozzy almost killed himself on an ATV and both of the kids went through rehab. They have one more season of the show left to go and it's already been taped. They're done with it after that.

"Ozzy says that he's doing fine these days and he's able to have sex with his wife no problem. He's off of all of the medication now and he can still get it up. Their kids are still bothered when they hear about that stuff. Howard tried to talk to Kelly about anal sex and about her mother liking it but she didn't want to hear it.

"Howard brought up this 'Battle for Ozzfest' show they're doing for MTV. They're going to have bands battling to get into the Ozzfest concert. Ozzy would like to have all of the bands come out with him so he can't judge. Sharon said that the bands get new equipment and get to tour worldwide with Ozzy for Ozzfest. That led to Ozzy talking about how he brought his wife along with him on a world tour one time and forgot about her being there when he brought home a Japanese woman with him. Sharon ended up getting upset and smacked the woman around as she was kicking her out of the room. Howard brought up a story about Sharon claiming that she banged the late Randy Rhoads when she was with Ozzy. Sharon said she didn't do anything but love Randy like Ozzy loved him. Ozzy said 'I never fffu... I never did anything with Randy!' Howard said he read a book where she claims that all three of them were in bed together and she made love to the guy. Sharon said that she didn't make love, she came as close to making love to him as possible without actually having sex. Ozzy said he's never read the book because he might end up killing a couple of people if he did. Howard read an excerpt from the book where Sharon says that she had sex with Randy and even Ozzy knew about it but didn't want to talk about it. Sharon told Howard that he's 'so Jewish' because he's getting so dramatic about this stuff. Sharon eventually said that she did have sex with Randy after getting upset with Ozzy one time when he was still with his other wife. Ozzy said he knew about it and it really doesn't matter to him. Howard thought she did it to teach Ozzy a lesson.

"Sharon seemed a little upset with Howard about him picking on her. Howard said he was just trying to help them through all of this stuff. Sharon told Howard that Ozzy has cheated on her many times and has slept with nannies and housekeepers through the years. Robin asked Ozzy if that was true. Ozzy gave a simple 'I dunno' answer. Howard joked that Ozzy should get a DNA test for Jack because he could be Randy's son. Sharon said that would be kind of tough because Randy died about 5 years before Jack was born.

"Sharon is doing a show with Simon Cowell who Ozzy really doesn't like. Howard wondered why she'd disgrace her husband like that. Sharon said that she doesn't like Simon either and really dislikes him. Sharon said that she's doing it because it's just business. She asked Howard if he likes everyone he works with. Howard doesn't like everyone so she thought she'd proven her point. Howard couldn't get over the Randy Rhoads story so he kept bringing it up. Sharon told him once again that she wasn't married to Ozzy at the time. They were arguing about what was right and wrong with that whole situation. Howard started to wrap things up and gave them a plug for the 'Battle for Ozzfest' thing. He thought that Ozzy wasn't a judge but Sharon said it's her and Ozzy judging the bands.

"Ozzy was telling Howard how he got guitar player Leslie West to play with him on a new song so they told him to keep Sharon away from him because he's a guitar player. Howard told Sharon that he really loves the two of them after Sharon complained about him yanking their chain for the past half hour. Their new show 'Battle for Ozzfest' airs next Monday at 10:30pm on MTV."

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