P.O.D. Working On Their 'Heaviest' Album Yet

December 20, 2004

MTV.com is reporting that P.O.D. have spent the past three months living and brainstorming in the former Palm Springs, California, home of sunny '60s folk-rock quartet the MAMAS AND THE PAPAS working on what is shaping up to be their heaviest album yet.

"We probably brought it back more to the old-school P.O.D., like the early '90s stuff that we were putting out," said drummer Wuv. "We had a vision of the style we wanted to go back to — more heavy but with a lot of hip-hop and reggae influence like our older albums used to have."

P.O.D. will begin recording the new album in San Francisco in mid-January with producer Greg Fidelman, who's engineered albums for artists including SLIPKNOT, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, WEEZER, JET and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Fidelman will step into the role of co-producer for the first time on the P.O.D. project.

"I think the goal for this record to be out is probably like springtime," Wuv said. "We have like 24 songs right now, and there's probably already about 15 that we want to keep, but I don't think that's going to be realistic. We're happy with a lot of the songs we've been writing, so we've been taking our time and we've tracked a lot of songs, so it's going to be a battle for cutting songs off, that's for sure.

"We're just gonna let it grow naturally," he continued. "Whenever we're done with it, whatever time period it fits in, that's what it's gonna do."

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