PAIN Postpone Plans For 'Covers' CD, Begin Work On New Album

February 8, 2003

Sweden's PAIN, the band led by acclaimed metal producer and HYPOCRISY frontman Peter Tägtgren, have postponed plans to record a full-length album of covers and are instead working on a new CD of original material, due in the spring/summer through Stockholm Records.

Tägtgren, a notoriously prolific songwriter, made the decision to delay the recording of the covers album after he completed 18 new original numbers that he deemed to be "musically stronger" than the material ear-marked for the proposed collection of cover versions.

Of the new material, Peter said, "It's more meaty, groovy and more 'nu-metal' [than the previous albums] — like KORN when they are at their absolutely heaviest. It will still sound like PAIN, [but it will be] heavier and more brutal with an updated sound, [featuring] drum loops and the type of synthesizer sounds that are bordering on hip hop. But don't worry — I won't start rapping."

Despite Peter's decision to focus exclusively on the upcoming album of original PAIN material, plans still exist for the covers collection to surface sometime next year. Tracks set to be included on the effort include the band's (presumably) metallized versions of such mainstream selections as THE BEATLES' "I Am The Walrus", ULTRAVOX's "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes", and JOHNNY CASH's "Ring Of Fire".

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