PANTHEON I's KVEBEK Launches New Black Metal Project SVARTELDER

March 1, 2009

PANTHEON I vocalist/guitarist Andrè Kvebek (ex-1349) has teamed up with vocalist Abominor (NORKRIM),bass player Shezmou (THE ALLSEEING I, PROFANIA, OPEN CASKET TERROR) and drummer Sathan (TWISTED AUTUMN DARKNESS, HEATHEN DEITY, ETHEREAL FOREST, NECROMARCH, FORTID, PANTHEON I) to form a new project called SVARTELDER.

Kvebek, who will use the stage name Tjalve for the new project, is currently finishing work on the next PANTHEON I album, and will begin writing material for SVARTELDER as soon as that is finished. He says, "SVARTELDER was originally started in 2005 by Abominor, but got shelved for a few years due to other commitments. He was talking to me about starting it up again recently and asked if I was interested, and I liked the idea of being given free rein to write whatever I wanted musically while he concentrated on the lyrics. At the moment, the plan is to record eight songs in total, which will include a handful that I had already written, and that were waiting for the right project to come along. I think it's going to be very interesting for all those involved, and we're all very keen to start rehearsing as soon as possible."

SVARTELDER, which in the ancient Norsk language means "blackfires," was chosen as a name to symbolize the flame of uncompromising old-style black metal that the band aims to keep alive with its music.

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