PAPA ROACH To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of 'Infest' Album In 2020

May 21, 2019

Jacoby Shaddix has confirmed that PAPA ROACH will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band's breakthrough album, "Infest", next year.

The band's second full-length record and first major label release, "Infest" peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and has been certified triple platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) for sales in excess of three million copies in the U.S. alone.

While speaking to Matt Bingham, program director of Saginaw, Michigan's Z93 radio station, at this past weekend's Sonic Temple festival in Columbus, Ohio, Jacoby said that plans are afoot for PAPA ROACH to mark the LP's two-decade milestone.

"2020, we're going to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of our album 'Infest'," the singer said (hear audio below). "And so, April 25th, 2020, we will be having a celebration."

Shaddix also spoke about the enduring popularity of "Infest"'s rap-rock anthem "Last Resort", which recently passed 100 million views on YouTube.

"Music can be a bright spot to people — it can be a source of strength; it can be a source of hope to people," he said. "And PAPA ROACH has been a source of strength and hope to people out there.

"Our first single, 'Last Resort', was about… One of my best friends, he tried to kill himself," he continued. "We lived in a house together. I'm 17 years old, and my best friend tried to kill himself. And it was a traumatic experience. I sing the song from a first-person point of view just to make it… this is how I write music. It's just crazy how many people have used that song as a source of strength.

"This music is purpose-driven, and I know that there's a reason why I'm here on this planet creating music and creating art with my brothers in PAPA ROACH."

Produced and mixed by Jay Baumgardner, "Infest" featured Shaddix on lead vocals, Jerry Horton on guitars and backing vocals, Tobin Esperance on bass and Dave Buckner on drums. Guest artists on the disc included DJ A.M., Aimee Echo and Rodney Duke.

PAPA ROACH's latest album, "Who Do You Trust?", arrived in January via Eleven Seven.

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