Past/Present Members Of COLD, CANDLEBOX, BREAKING BENJAMIN Release Cover Of TEMPLE OF THE DOG's 'Hunger Strike'

June 11, 2020

Past and present members of COLD, CROBOT, CANDLEBOX, BREAKING BENJAMIN, EARSHOT and LIFER have united to record one of the most iconic songs of our generation. As part of Nick Coyle's (guitarist for COLD and singer for LIFER) "Corona Sessions" series, which features a rotating list of all-star musicians recreating the music that inspired them from their respected quarantine headquarters, the rockers teamed up to unleash a masterful live version of TEMPLE OF THE DOG's "Hunger Strike".

The "Corona Sessions: Hunger Strike" video features Coyle on vocals, Brandon Yeagley (CROBOT) on vocals, Chris Bishop (CROBOT) on guitar, Aaron Fink (LIFER, EARSHOT, ex-BREAKING BENJAMIN) on guitar, Chad Szeliga (BLACK STAR RIDERS, WALKING WITH LIONS, ex-BREAKING BENJAMIN) on drums, Brian Quinn (CANDLEBOX) on acoustic guitar, and Adam Kury (CANDLEBOX) on bass.

According to Coyle, his mission for the project is to "bring artists together despite social distancing and offer fans a sense of inclusiveness during these troubling times."

"The only good thing that has come out of this whole COVID-19 shut down is that now musicians who may have never have had the opportunity to collaborate before now have the time to do so," Coyle said.

Coyle said he and the musicians specifically selected "Hunger Strike" not only because of its importance to the 1990s music scene and the impact it had on each of them as musicians but because of the relevance it still has today.

"'Hunger Strike' is one of those songs that will always be relevant," he said. "That's the genius of Chris Cornell. His music and lyrics are timeless."

Prior to "Hunger Strike", Coyle released a masterful version of FILTER's Billboard-topping hit "Take A Picture" with past and present members of FILTER, COLD, BREAKING BENJAMIN, CANDLEBOX and LIFER.

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