GAVIN ROSSDALE On BUSH's Upcoming Album 'The Kingdom': We Wanted To 'Make A Vital, Strong Record'

June 11, 2020

In a new interview with "Whiplash", the KLOS radio show hosted by Full Metal Jackie, Gavin Rossdale spoke about his decision to pursue a heavier musical direction on BUSH's upcoming album, "The Kingdom", due on July 17 via Zuma Rock Records under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management.

"I think [it was] a combination of the previous record, which I'm really proud of, [2017's] 'Black And White Rainbows'," he said (hear audio below). "It came out at a really difficult time in my life and [had] some really heavy moments on it. There were some achingly sad songs on there, like 'People At War'… And it was a very bruised record. It was a really hard time in my life, as anyone who's got divorced knows. And it was broken, it was very bruised. And when I made this record, it was after two years of getting my life back on track, of touring, getting great new management. It just felt like the right thing to do, having played live so much. I'd play live, then I'd go make songs, then I'd go play live, then I'd make songs."

He continued: "I wasn't interested in making songs or making a record that I don't expect to be in the set. [I didn't want to] make some midtempo ballads, get that done, get the record out, and then go play the old songs. That's the opposite of what I want. What we want as a band is to make a vital, strong record that people could just get that record, and that's enough. They go, 'Wow! This record. What is this?' And then, if people didn't know our history, then the beauty of it is that they could dive into the past and find out who we are and where we come from. So I think that's what it was — basically, the intention of having a standalone record and nothing to do with our catalog."

The first single from "The Kingdom", "Flowers On A Grave", was unveiled in March. The track, co-produced by Erik Ron and Rossdale, is the follow-up to "Bullet Holes", heard atop the end credits to "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum". Produced by Tyler Bates, "Bullet Holes" will also be featured on "The Kingdom".

"Black And White Rainbows" was crafted after Rossdale went through a divorce with pop star/reality TV judge Gwen Stefani in 2015.

BUSH's current lineup also includes guitarist Chris Traynor, bassist Corey Britz and drummer Nik Hughes.

The group, which broke up in 2002 but reunited in 2010, has released three albums since reforming.

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