PAUL DI'ANNO: 'I Have No Regrets About Leaving IRON MAIDEN'

December 7, 2004

Former IRON MAIDEN frontman Paul Di'Anno recently spoke to David Brinn of Israel's Jerusalem Post about his upcoming appearance at Heavy Metal Monsters 2004 — a multi-artist festival that rumbles to life Friday, December 10, in Tel Aviv at the Barbie Club and the next night in Haifa at the Poison Club.

The 48-year-old Di'Anno, who has made his home in Brazil in recent years, says leaving the MAIDEN juggernaut behind was the best thing that ever happened to him, and that he has no bitter feelings toward his former bandmates.

"I absolutely have no regrets about leaving MAIDEN — I wasn't right in the head at that time to be in the middle of all that. I was fed up and disillusioned; it would have been cheating the fans and myself if I had stayed. It was easy to walk away from, and I'm very happy the band got bigger and bigger," Di'Anno told The Jerusalem Post.

The band's first two albums featuring Di'Anno — a self-titled effort in 1980 and "Killers" in 1981 — quickly earned the band an enthusiastic following, and are considered metal classics by aficionados. Di'Anno says he recognizes their impact and is proud of it.

"I get requests all the time for MAIDEN songs from the first two albums, and we play loads of them. I tried to fade it out a few years ago, but the fans nearly killed me. Those albums captured a raw energy that made it acceptable for heavy metal and punk to get together. The likes of something that will never be seen again."

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