PAUL STANLEY Says Not Voting For One Of Two 'Viable' Candidates In Upcoming U.S. Presidential Election Is Akin To Throwing Your Vote Away

August 6, 2020

Paul Stanley says that voting for a third, no-hope candidate in the upcoming presidential election is akin to throwing your vote away.

Earlier today, the KISS frontman shared a New York Daily News article from self-proclaimed "staunch conservative" S.E. Cupp in which she wrote she is "very seriously considering voting for Joe Biden," rather than writing someone in, as she did in 2016, but that her choice hinges on whom the presumptive Democratic nominee picks as his running mate.

Stanley wrote in a tweet: "There are TWO 'viable' candidates, one of which will be our president for the coming 4 years. Why would ANYONE waste a vote that so many have fought for only to throw it away making a 'statement' that no one will hear? Make a vote that counts and work towards future alternatives."

This is not the first time Stanley has weighed in on the current political landscape. Last month, he urged his social media followers to vote in November, saying that "we have a responsibility to our past and to our future." In April, Stanley blamed a shifting media environment for sharpening partisan divides, saying that Fox News and CNN viewers and live in "different realities."

"Any conversation I've had with somebody who feels contrary to [a particular point of view], they stick to their guns because their reality is based on information that they're getting from a source that has their own agenda," Stanley said during an appearance on Richard Marx's "Social Distancing" talk show. "I'm not saying that CNN is guiltless. It's really become the network of the Democrats versus the network of the Republicans, and your reality and what you see as the truth, not coincidentally, is based upon which network you watch. And that's terrible. We're living in separate universes. If you go from one channel to the other, you think you're in a different time.

"If I were to watch whatever network I watch that's called 'The News,' it's going to feed me what I believe to be reality," he added. "That's the basic truth of it. And, unfortunately, there seems to be different realities, alternate realities… There's gotta be a truth."

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