PEARL JAM's JEFF AMENT Says 'It's So F**kin' Obvious Right Now Who You Should Vote For' In 2020 Presidential Election

September 9, 2020

According to Rolling Stone, PEARL JAM has just launched "PJ Votes 2020", an initiative which involves asking the band's audience to accept the Take-Three Pledge of "Vote by Mail," "Recruit Three Friends" and "Don't Wait."

Outspoken critics of President Donald Trump — at times, controversially so — the PEARL JAM members are making no attempt to mask their preference in the contest between Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"I think it's so fuckin' obvious right now who you should vote for that we don't even have to talk about it this time around," bassist Jeff Ament told Rolling Stone. "I think 16 years ago, maybe to some people [George W.] Bush seemed like a guy you'd want to have a beer with. I think people based a lot of who to vote for on stupid things like that.

"The fires burning in California and the deregulation of environmental regulations is reason enough to go out and vote," Ament continued. "We really have to put a finger in the dam right now and stop the bleeding with a lot of this stuff. Voting is the beginning of it."

In addition to the Take-Three Pledge initiative, the band is also partnering with leading national organizations like People For the American Way, the League of Conservation Voters as well as select regional organizations like Make the Road Pennsylvania to promote voting by mail. (Head to for more info or or text PJVotes to 52886.)

Last week, PEARL JAM frontman Eddie Vedder took to social media to share with his followers his thoughts on voting by mail, as well as a lesson on how to do it. The singer explained that he and his bandmates have been requesting absentee ballots since 1992 "'cause we were always away from home touring."

Vedder's comments came after Trump has repeatedly attacked mail-in voting and falsely claimed it will lead to widespread fraud — despite evidence showing such fraud is extremely rare. Experts say mail voting has proven remarkably secure.

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