PHIL LABONTE Says 'Madness' Is 'Natural Progression' For ALL THAT REMAINS

April 11, 2017

Metal Wani's Barrett Stephens recently conducted an interview with ALL THAT REMAINS frontman Phil Labonte. You can now listen to the chat below.

Speaking about the evolution of ALL THAT REMAINS's sound, Labonte said: "It's always been a pretty natural progression. We kind of just get together and write songs that we like, is really what we wanna do. We don't wanna go ahead and [think], 'Are we doing this for someone else? Or 'Are we doing this for that group or person?' or whatever, it's always, 'How do we feel about it?' So that's really our focus when we get together, and that's what it always is."

Asked what he hoped ALL THAT REMAINS fans would take away from the band's new album, "Madness", Labonte said: "I just kind of hope that they listen to it. I'm not super concerned about making sure that any particular message that I have gets through to a listener, because people take different things from a song. It's all subjective when it comes to art. So I don't worry about what people take away. I think that they're gonna take away what they're gonna take away. And if they like it, that's all I care."

ALL THAT REMAINS's eighth studio album, "Madness", will be released on April 28 via Eleven Seven Music. The effort was recorded at West Valley Studios in Woodland Hills, California with producer Howard Benson, who has previously worked with such acts as MOTÖRHEAD, PAPA ROACH, THREE DAYS GRACE, FLYLEAF, P.O.D. and HALESTORM.


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