PHIL LYNOTT Statue Unveiled: Photos Available

August 19, 2005

A bronze statue of THIN LIZZY frontman Phil Lynott was unveiled earlier today (August 19) in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, on the corner of Grafton and Harry streets. Check out pictures from Yahoo! News: Photo#1, Photo#2, Photo#3.

Supporters of the famed singer showed their long-running admiration of the songwriter by funding the erection of the bronze statue almost two-decades after his tragic death, according to Ireland Online.

His mother, Philomena, who unveiled the statue, said: “It is the proudest day in my life, for over 20-years I have been looking forward to it.

Philomena said it was special feeling to see him on the street against, as the life-sized figure of Lynott stood out in one of his favourite haunts city-centre haunts.

Hundreds of people lined Harry Street, just off Grafton Street, where Philomena unveiled the statue to rapturous applause.

His mother revealed supporters would now be working to launch a museum commemorating Lynott's work in Dublin, as well as working to aid up-and-coming bands and charities.

She said: “I am happy with the statue, I love it, I spent many days down at the foundry advising him.

"We walked in a few times and we took a chisel out to make sure he got his chin right.”

His devoted mother said his music would leave an everlasting effect on the people of Ireland.

"He took a very old ballad 'The Whiskey in the Jar' and gave it a good bit of rocking," she laughed.

"I think after that he changed the course of history really, and he opened up great opportunities for all the up-and-coming young bands, and now one of those bands is known as the best band in the world. You know the boys from U2. He loved them, and they were all young boys.

"Whenever he went on tour he would take young Irish bands with him."

Philomena added: "I love him forever and I will miss him forever. Life is awful without him but knowing all these people are loving him the way they do, they are like a big woolly cloak around me.

"They write to me telling me how much they love him and miss him. I am not alone in missing him."

Read more at Ireland Online.

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