Photographer ROSS HALFIN Recounts Night Out With METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT

May 10, 2005

Legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin has posted an update in his diary at regarding a recent meeting with METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett:

"Well, went to CREAM, met up with Kirk at the very plush Sanderson Hotel. Had cocktails, as they say in America. As we were getting a taxi the waiter ran out — Kirk hadn't paid his bill.

"Get to the Albert Hall. Amid all the geriatrics are two young people (obviously dragged by their very wealthy parents). They came up and were very pleased to see Kirk. I tell them CREAM do 'Creeping Death' at the end, to try to be modern. Kirk thinks this is very funny. We are in a private box which is catered and stocked with cases of champagne. As I sip sparkling water, Kirk heartily works his way through the cases — and invites me to come and stay with him in Hawaii. 'Come for June and the whole of August'... Peter Mensch, manager to the stars, arrives. I enjoy seeing him, we both agree CREAM play far too quietly (you could talk over it) and everything is short and slowed down. No twenty minute jams. 'Crossroads' is boring, like listening to 'Smoke on the Water' — we've heard it too many times. The highlight is 'Toad'. Peter and I timed Ginger's drum solo — nine minutes. Still, I enjoyed it. But sad to say, they don't play on ten. Sparse stage set, good light show."

In other news, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich was recently spotted at a luncheon at the Presidio in San Francisco after a special screening of the new "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" movie. The film was open to invited guests all over the Bay Area, with such guests as Robin Williams and Rick McCallum.

(Thanks: The 4 Horsemen Website)

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