POISON's C.C. DEVILLE Tops GUITAR WORLD's List Of '100 Worst Guitar Solos'

December 12, 2008

Guitar World magazine has just published its picks for the "100 Worst Guitar Solos" on its web site, GuitarWorld.com.

The list includes tracks by Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, C.C. DeVille, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and more.

Below is an excerpt of that post:

"After two decades of kissing ass, Guitar World tips over a few sacred cows in a definitive guide to guitar parts that blow.

"Guitarists, no matter how good they are, are bound to have the occasional bad night or hit the odd bum note. Legends like Hendrix, Page, Hammett and Harrison have had their share of uninspired moments and times where ambition exceeded their technique. It's really no big deal.

"Unless you're caught on tape, that is.

"In a rare moment of pure spite and malice, Guitar World asked several contributors to identify those instances when our greatest guitar heroes took their biggest pratfalls. And, boy, rarely have we seen our writers take to an assignment with greater gusto. It seems that nothing gets a journalist¹s creative juices flowing like asking them to spill a big bucket of bile on a beloved icon. While our writers tended to save most of their venom for undeniably cruddy and inept solos, some had fun throwing darts at performances that were technically adept but which they deemed boring, self-indulgent or just plain absurd. Another favorite pastime was picking on anything remotely involving the talents of POISON's C.C. DeVille.

"Now, we enjoy the colorful Mr. DeVille, but unfortunately somebody¹s gotta be the whipping boy, and we guess it's C.C.'s turn to feel the lash. But he shouldn't take it too hard. The flamboyant, hair-sprayed rocker can take solace in the fact that he's in some rather good company. So pull out the knives, put on the lobster bib and dig in. No one, but no one, gets out of this alive."

Top 10 "Worst Guitar Solos," according to Guitar World:

01. POISON - "Guitar Solo" (from "Swallow This…Live!", 1991)
Guitarist: C.C. DeVille

02. BLUE CHEER - "Summertime Blues" (from "Vincebus Eruptum", 1968)
Guitarist: Leigh Stephens

03. CARLOS SANTANA - "The Game of Love" (from "Shaman", 2002)

04. CREAM - Falstaff beer 1967 radio spot
Guitarist: Eric Clapton

05. THE BEATLES - "All You Need Is Love"
Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
Guitarist: George Harrison

06. BLACK FLAG - "Thirsty and Miserable" (from "Damaged", 1981)
Guitarist: Greg Ginn

07. TED NUGENT - "Wango Tango" (from "Scream Dream", 1980)

08. THE ROLLING STONES – "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" (from "It's Only Rock 'n Roll", 1974)
Guitarist: Keith Richards

09. MANOWAR – "Sting of the Bumblebee" (from "Kings of Metal", 1988)
Bassist: Joey DeMaio

10. LENNY KRAVITZ - "American Woman" (from "5", 1998)

Go to GuitarWorld.com to see the entire list.

POISON's C.C. DeVille in action:

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