POPPY Announces 'Stagger' EP, Shares New Single 'FYB'

September 23, 2022

After emerging as one of the most quietly disruptive forces in culture, Grammy Award-nominated alternative insurgent Poppy will unleash her new "Stagger" EP on October 14. It notably marks her debut for Lava/Republic.

She comes out of the gate swinging with the new single "FYB". Powered by a thrash-and-burn punk riff, a barrage of distortion grinds up against her insidiously melodic delivery. It cycles through a hypnotic hook as she repeats "Fuck the world, it'll just fuck you back." A fittingly captivating visual accompanies the track. In the clip, Poppy walks on a spinning animated globe under the glow of lively hand-drawn planets.

"FYB" stands out as something of a clarion call for the multi-faceted maverick as it sets the stage for a whole lot more to come this year and in 2023.

Next up, Poppy will support SMASHING PUMPKINS and JANE'S ADDICTION on one of the fall's hottest alternative rock tours, beginning October 2 through November 19. She will also appear at the When We Were Young Festivals in Las Vegas, Nevada October 22-23 and October 29. Finally, she will launch the "Never Find My Place" across Europe November 26 through December 21.

Poppy has no regard for convention, genres, labels, assumptions, or expectations. Instead, she eclipses all of them in the flames of an intensely uncompromising creative spirit with no rival. By burning everything down and building a vision of her own out of the ashes, she represents a future where high art and high fashion equal subversion of the highest order. Following a quiet grind, she reached critical mass with "I Disagree". Beyond tallying 100 million-plus streams, it concluded 2020 on year-end lists by Upset, Revolver, Popbuzz, Kerrang! and more as she graced the covers of NME, Revolver, Upset, Kerrang! and Tush. Standout "Bloodmoney" even garnered a Grammy nod for "Best Metal Performance," lifting her to rarified air as the "first-ever solo female artist nominated in the category." At the same time, she electrified the stage at the Grammy Awards. Throughout 2021, Poppy only maintained her momentum with the "EAT (NXT Soundtrack)" EP, "Flux" and "So Mean" EP. She steered the vision entirely — from the aesthetic to personally directing multiple videos. Infiltrating the mainstream, she has notably collaborated with Victor and Rolf on the Flowerbomb fragrance with L'Oreal and with KOI Footwear on two pairs of signature shoes. Casting a shadow over multiple forms of media, she has also penned two graphic novels, "Genesis One" and "Poppy's Inferno", and her short film "I'm Poppy" premiered at Sundance Film Festival during 2019.

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