PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE: Debut Album Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

January 14, 2007

England's PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE will release its full-length debut, "Traversing the Awesome Night", on April 24 via Open Grave Records.

According to a press release, "PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE bring the true black metal feeling into 2007. With booming drums, icy guitars, hellish vocals and brooding dark atmospherics, this music is made for black metal fans by black metal fans.

"Brothers Dokkalfur and Ljosalfur are the heart and soul of the band. Having both grown up listening to all kinds of metal, they have one collective mind when it comes to the realms of music. PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE serves as an outlet for the black metal feeling within them. And to them, that IS black metal: a feeling; nothing more, nothing less."

"Traversing the Awesome Night" track listing:

01. Bringer of Dark and Light
02. None Shall Stand
03. Design
04. Fear and Fire
05. The Journey to the Forest
06. As I Wander
07. Earth's Wrath
08. Battleride
09. Victorious
10. The Shriek of Death

Check out the album cover art at the Open Grave Recordsweb site. Also available at the same location is the band's demo of the song "Hellish Figurines".

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