Producer: New IRON MAIDEN Album Is 'Terrific'

March 27, 2006

IRON MAIDEN fan site has posted the second entry in MAIDEN producer Kevin Shirley's studio diary, which he is providing to the group's fans via the official Iron Maiden Online Club. An excerpt from the entry follows:

"Tuesday, all the lads [from the band] came in and I played them rough mixes of all the basic tracks, and they're sounding incredible (even Adrian [Smith, guitar] was thrilled!) — then we went through who's doing what guitar solos where, where the Three Amigos are playing harmony melodies, where keys would play melody and pad — and the album is a terrific IRON MAIDEN album — full of trademark gallops and canters, hard-rocking choruses — perhaps a little more tough prog riffing spirited about than on record lately, and definitely a couple of well-grounded groovers in there too. Long melodic intros abound and the rocker that's probably the single, is as tough as it gets on radio. There's one about a famous eccentric and novelist, whose memorabilia is sensitively distributed throughout the studio for inspiration. It turns out that Janick [Gers, guitar] is a bit of an avid collector and an anorak about this fellow, and he isn't Pawtucket Pat!! We call the song, 'The Rime Of Billy Bunter'!"


IRON MAIDEN recently confirmed a full European leg of their world tour for this coming winter 2006. The trek will start in Scandinavia on November 9 and will include new album material, which will be released prior to the tour. They are currently considering album artwork and the production for the tour, which will be in true MAIDEN tradition, with spectacular stage production and massive sound and lights ... and, of course, Eddie!!

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