PRONG: 'Unleashed In The West: Live In Berlin' Official Bootleg Released

March 17, 2014

Last summer, PRONG spent three days in Berlin recording an "official bootleg" entitled "Unleashed In The West". This is now finished and available for public consumption.

Says PRONG: "Bandcamp allows for us to reach you guys directly, with no middle man involved.

"We will also have a very cool CD version of this at the merch booth at our upcoming concerts. But you can listen and download in all imaginable formats at [this location]."

"Unleashed In The West: Live In Berlin" track listing:

01. For Dear Life (03:58)
02. Beg To Differ (04:16)
03. Unconditional (05:05)
04. Lost And Found (04:15)
05. Cut Rate (05:22)
06. Rude Awakening (04:05)
07. Broken Peace (06:28)
08. Another Worldly Device (03:29)
09. Power Of The Damager (03:43)
10. Close The Door (03:59)
11. Dark Signs (03:25)
12. Prove You Wrong (04:04)
13. Third From The Sun (06:37)
14. Steady Decline (04:10)
15. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck (04:14)
16. Whose Fist Is This Anyway? (04:39)
17. Irrelevant Thoughts (02:33)

PRONG's new album, "Ruining Lives", will be released through Steamhammer/SPV in Scandinavia on April 23, in Germany on April 25, in the rest of Europe on April 28 and in the U.S./Canada on May 13. It will be made available as a limited digipak version including one bonus track and poster, as a double gatefold colored vinyl version including one bonus track and the CD in cardboard sleeve, as a standard version and download.

"Ruining Lives" is the follow-up to the acclaimed 2012 release "Carved Into Stone" and continues to show the band on an upward trajectory, proving that despite having a long, illustrious career PRONG can still make records that matter and re-invent themselves without negating their roots.

With Tommy Victor in the producer's chair and Steve Evetts (HATEBREED, SICK OF IT ALL, SEPULTURA) once again coming in to put his trademark shine on the record, "Ruining Lives" has turned out to be a monster of an album. From the first riff assault of the opener "Turnover", the album takes you on an angst-filled roller coaster ride that marries some very old-school "Beg To Differ" elements with post-punk, industrial metal, hardcore thrash, all the while retaining a modern and current feel. Fans of the bands legendary, genre-defining "Cleansing" era and new fans alike will be thrilled.

On April 19, PRONG will release an exclusive single for "Record Store Day" celebration with the new track "Turnover" on side A and a pig remix version of "Revenge Best Served Cold" by Raymond Watts on Side B. The single is limited to 3,000 copies and comes in a green/white marbled vinyl version. The worldwide digital release of this single is April 21.

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