February 8, 2011

QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor has released the following statement to U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

"It was my wife who told me the news. It's terrible: 58 is just too early. In Phil [Lynott]'s case it was tragic, and in Gary's case there should have been a lot more years.

"I have great memories of Gary on tour in THIN LIZZY with QUEEN: always smiling, very cheerful and… too young to die. He'd recently joined LIZZY and he fitted in great: a blindingly fast player, and his thing was these staccato runs, with a bit of jazz in there. Totally different to Brian [May], who's a very fluid player, but musicians usually 'get' other rated musicians, and Brian very much enjoyed his playing.

"Over the years, I'd see Gary out in the clubs: a great guy on the scene. He liked to drink, as I remember, but everybody did in those days.

"It's very sad. But I think his music will live on.

"Virtuosity is something we really don't have now: there are lots of great bands, but the emphasis just isn't on that anymore. In those days, it was all about how great you were; there were so many virtuosos and he was definitely one of them. He was a star player."

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