RAMMSTEIN: We Are Not Breaking Up!

March 15, 2003

Despite rumors to the contrary, German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN have no intention of breaking up.

RAMMSTEIN keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz recently posted a logbook entry to the "Fan Area" section on the official site addressing the recent rumors and assuring the fans that the band would carry on. Here is what he wrote:

"Today, I have the pleasure to dispel all your concerns regarding the near future of the band. It is true, that [guitarist] Richard [Kruspe-Bernstein] lives in New York from time to time, but also that he regularly returns to Berlin to intensively rehearse with us. Furthermore, we play musical ideas via telephone. While developing ideas, there always pop up those which are genuinely good, but cannot be transported by the band. It wouldn't be clever to force these ideas into the corsett of the band or to simply abandon them. Then one collects such ideas on a so-called solo album. If I had more time and energy, I would be very glad to do that as well. Such doing does not disturb work with the band but improves it, since nobody has to violently force their own ideas to be translated, although they might not quite suit the style of the band."

In a Jan. 31 posting, Flake implied that RAMMSTEIN's next studio album — which is not expected to surface before 2004 — would mark a significant musical departure for the band.

"I am of the opinion that is it not necessary to record a fourth album, that is similar to the first three albums," he wrote. "Who wants to listen to RAMMSTEIN music, can certainly listen to the first three albums. For which reason does one need further ten tracks of the same sort? This is not a matter of quantity. The music would surely not improve if there was more of it. I would rather make ballads, which don't have those screaming guitars intrudingly squeaking along, just because they are present anyhow."

RAMMSTEIN were recently asked to remix "mOBSCENE", the first single from the forthcoming MARILYN MANSON album, "Golden Age Of The Grotesque". No release details have yet been announced for the collaboration.

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