RATT Frontman Performs 'Round And Round' With THE DONNAS; Photos Available

February 14, 2008

RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy joined THE DONNAS on stage during their February 7, 2007 concert at the Crash Mansion in Los Angeles for a rendition of the RATT classic "Round and Round". Check out photos from the gig at this location (pictures by Lisa Brenner).

THE DONNAS guitarist Allison Robertson and vocalist Brett Anderson recently collaborated with Stephen Pearcy on a remake of "Round and Round". "Yes, [Stephen] rules, and yes, he is a bad-ass," Allison wrote in an online posting. "The track was something he had had in the can for a while, but he invited us to come DONNA-fy it up, Brett trading verse lines with him, doing the harmony and leads in the chorus, and I did the harmonized solo section and laid down some rhythm as well."

Pearcy's third solo effort, "Under My Skin" will be released in Japan on King Records in February-March 2008. Top Fuel Records will make the CD available online first to the hardcore Pearcy RAT BASTARD fans, and RATT fans worldwide.

"Under My Skin" finds Pearcy returning to the early RATT roots, featuring material that is positive and aggressive when needed. Pearcy plays almost all the guitars and solos. Erik Ferentinos (RAT BASTARD, THE ANTIDIVISION lead guitarist, vocalist) is also co-writting again on the new CD.

THE DONNAS performing "Round and Round" in New York City, October 2007:

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