Report: AC/DC's Music 'Encourages Macho Posturing And Aggressive Behavior'

May 25, 2008

Times Online reports that researchers from Glasgow University, who monitored the playlists and outbreaks of fighting at eight pubs and bars in Glasgow city centre, found that loud rock and rap music encouraged customers to drink more, increasing loutish behaviour that often spilt over into violence. The pounding rhythms also made it difficult for customers to hear one another, causing misunderstandings.

Rock music such as AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" and THE ROLLING STONES' "Brown Sugar" was found to encourage macho posturing and aggressive behavior among male customers.

However, researchers also discovered that SONNY AND CHER's "I Got You Babe" and ROBBIE WILLIAMS's hits could be used to defuse potential disputes. Easy listening and "slushy" romantic songs were sometimes used to deter gangs of young men from entering pubs.

JD Wetherspoon, one of Britain's biggest pub chains, said: "We avoid playing R&B and rap music in our pubs. Our research shows that the bassline can be quite aggressive and could potentially cause problems."

Read the entire report from Times Online.

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