REPULSION Guitarist Says There Are No Plans For New Album

February 27, 2005

Guitarist Matt Olivo of the death metal/grindcore pioneers REPULSION recently gave an interview to France's Noiseweb zine about the group's status as one of the genre's originators and their future plans. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Noiseweb: You were, Scott [Carlson, bassist/vocalist] and you, former members of DEATH during some months. Can you speak about this time and about Chuck Schuldiner too, please?

Matt Olivo: "It was only a 3-4 month period in 1985 that we did this. I was still in high school and Chuck had a job at a fast food place called Del Taco. It was funny the first time I met him…he was wearing this uniform and he had his hair tucked in a cap. Scott, myself and Chuck all had a great time that summer. We were all about the death metal and the lifestyle of metal freaks! Alas, fate stepped in and reared its ugly face. Our drummer quit (Kam Lee) and since there was NO metal scene in Florida at the time, save for a hand full of bands, we were done. The death of DEATH. Frustrated doesn’t really begin to described how we felt. It was all for the better though. The world still got DEATH and it also received REPULSION."

Noiseweb: Each time, there are some rumours around you. Finally, what about this never-released new album, and this 1992 never-finished demo?

Matt Olivo: "We have no plans to record anything new. However an upcoming live DVD and live CD is in the works — 'It's not a rumour!' (Arnold Swarzenegger's voice)"

Noiseweb: Why do you come back in 2004/2005? Which are your goals? Which are your projects in a near future?

Matt: "We're focused on the DVD, live CD and I’m also helping with a tribute album too. I have a DEJECTA 7" coming out this year (2005). To stay current with REPULSION stuff, visit our crappy website:"

Noiseweb: Do you think the death of Dimebag Darrell on stage, shot by a fan, means that the USA are sick of their guns, or just sick?

Matt Olivo: "It's a deeply disturbing subject. What an utter waste. All I can say is I hope Darrell's family can find peace with it someday.

"It's truly awful. There are no limits to a truly disturbed mind."

Read Matt Olivo's entire interview with Noiseweb at this location (scroll down for English version).

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