Reunited STUCK MOJO Working On Material For New Studio Album

February 5, 2015

Rap/metal pioneers STUCK MOJO are working on material for their comeback album — their first to feature the lineup of Rich "The Duke" Ward on guitar, Bonz on vocals, Corey Lowery on bass and Frank Fontsere on drums since 1998's "Rising".

During a recent appearance on 99.1 CJAM-FM's melodic metal radio show "The Signals of Intuition", Ward — who is also a member of FOZZY alongside WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho — stated about STUCK MOJO's plans for a new studio CD: "[Bonz is] doing great, he looks great, we're getting along great, and so far, knock on wood, he seems like he's dealt with all his demons and he's sorted that part of his life out that [he needed to take care of in order] for me to move forward with him. So I'm feeling good about it. And I also have four other partners in FOZZY that, obviously, are wanting to tour and stuff, so I need to be mindful and respectful to everything — not only the guys in STUCK MOJO, but also to my FOZZY family — and make sure that if I'm working on STUCK MOJO, it's because Chris is back in the WWE doing a little, short run, which he does from time to time. And that works out good for me. That way he's working on something else, and I can do the same."

STUCK MOJO played a reunion show on December 26, 2014 at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out fan-filmed video footage of the concert below.

Bonz was dismissed from STUCK MOJO in July 2006 over the frontman's alleged substance-abuse issues which, according to a statement from Ward at the time, "affect[ed] [Bonz's live] performance," in the process "transform[ing] a guy we loved into someone that no one in the band wanted to be around." Ward added: "To gamble the band's future on someone who is the source of such instability is not an option anymore." Bonz was eventually replaced by Lord Nelson.

STUCK MOJO in 2010 parted ways with Austria's Napalm Records, the label that released the band's last two albums, 2007's "Southern Born Killers" (originally made available in 2005 as a free download) and 2008's "The Great Revival".

STUCK MOJO's 2010 "Here Comes The Monster" tour of Europe featured Lord Nelson on the mic, Ward on guitar, Sean Delson on bass and Fontsere on drums.

BONZ — the new band featuring Bonz and former PRIMER 55 guitarist/bassist Curt Taylor — will release its debut album, "Broken Silence", in February through a unique joint venture between Eternal Sound Records (Germany) and Pavement Entertainment (USA). Pavement will release the album in North America and Eternal Sound will cover the rest of the world.

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