Reunited SWARM OF THE LOTUS Working On New Material

May 4, 2009

Baltimore-based sludge/thrash/hardcore act SWARM OF THE LOTUS has officially reunited and is working on new material, to be released sometime next year.

Commented the group: "It's been nearly three years since the band 'ended' and here we are. A lot has happened to us individually and our lives are so different from what they once were, but the one thing that has remained unchanged is the love of our music and the passion to play. And quite simply, we need to play, period. So that's what we intend to do. This time apart has allowed our heads to clear and regain focus. Get back to the real reason we started doing this in the first place, over 10 years ago.

"This time around, the approach is totally different and very relaxed. Between having kids and jobs, etc, it has to be. We just want to have fun, and whatever comes out of it, great and what doesn't, whatever. We aren't jumping into any extravagant plans on touring, but we aren't completely ruling it out. We plan to keep it to local and in-and-around the area shows, weekend-warrior-type stuff here and there, when we can, and if something really worthwhile came along as far as an extended tour situation is concerned, we would take it into consideration.

"Overall, we want to keep the atmosphere pressure-free and laid back. We also have definite future plans on writing and recording new material and in fact, in the few practices we've had recently, we already have begun. Individually, we've all never stopped writing, so right out of the gate we are set to work on a batch of new songs. This is something we're very excited about. Who we will work with and exactly when and so on, is all to be determined later and subject to our crazy life schedules, too early to tell.

"As far as the lineup is concerned, we have decided to become a three-piece, which is a bit different than the band's tradition, but we like the way it sounds and feels, and chemistry-wise, it's perfect and we don't want to disrupt that. So the lineup will be:

Jon-John Michaud - Drums
Chris Csar - Bass/Vocals
Peter Maturi - Guitar/Vocals

"We are ready to go and are hard at work putting together a set, in order to be able to play once again. Look for us to start playing shows by fall 2009 or thereabouts. We will keep you all posted. We're stoked and can't wait and hope to see a lot of you again very soon!!"

SWARM OF THE LOTUS' latest album, "The Sirens of Silence", was released in 2005 via Abacus Recordings.

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