Review: KISS And AEROSMITH Deliver All Your Favorite Oldies

August 11, 2003

David Segal of the Washington Post reviewed the KISS/AEROSMITH tour when it came through town at Nissan Pavilion on Saturday night (August 9).

"Next time a band announces a 'farewell tour,' get it in writing," he writes. "Otherwise, don't bother with the goodbyes. KISS vowed three years ago to pack up the face paint and the codpiece, but guess who opened a double bill with AEROSMITH at Nissan Pavilion on Saturday night?

" 'Awesome, awesome, awesome!' shouted KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley halfway through the hour-plus set.

"Everyone is entitled to a change of heart, of course, and if these cartoon rockers can drag their Kabuki-goth act around the world for a few more years, more dollars to them. Maybe the band owes a refund to fans who thought they were buying a final peek last time around. But KISS is the most impressive moneymaking machine in rock history, and you don't earn that title through generosity. You earn it by vacuuming up the greatest number of greenbacks while demonstrating the least amount of musical talent.

"That's KISS. It's safe to bet that 1,000 bands scattered around the nightclubs and bars of this country outplayed them Saturday night.

"Drummer Peter Criss hit the toms with an inexplicable delicacy, like he was afraid they'd hit him back, and his lumbering tempos slowed each song like ankle weights.

"Stanley is exceptional only at the art of pretending to smash a guitar, while the Devil's own drill sergeant, Gene Simmons, is too busy wiping stage blood from his tongue to concentrate on his bass. Only Tommy Thayer — who replaced original guitarist Ace Frehley, who is sitting out this tour, setting up yet another triumphant reunion — could work in a group without mascara and latex bodysuits." Read more.

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