Review: Nothing Memorable About KORN's Performance In Boston

August 16, 2003

Rick Massimo of The Providence Journal reports that KORN had no hooks or choruses that were even distinguishable, let alone memorable during their a performance at the Tweeter Center Thursday as part of Ozzfest 2003. "Pure self-psychoanalysis, typified by the lyric 'Oh my God, who am I?'" he writes. "Their off-stage philanthropic work and solidarity with fans is admirable, but an hour of whining is an hour of whining, whether it's by a forlorn singer-songwriter or an ear-splitting funk-metal hybrid.

"Festival patriarch Ozzy Osbourne wrapped the night up, playing slightly more than an hour and cramming in hits from his BLACK SABBATH days and solo career. Songs such as 'War Pigs', 'Crazy Train' and 'Paranoid' got an extra kick from an all-star band that included guitarist Zakk Wylde, bassist Jason Newsted (formerly of METALLICA) and drummer Mike Bordin (formerly of FAITH NO MORE). Newsted and Bordin, particularly, seemed to be having the time of their lives, playing music they had perhaps grown up with. Osbourne, to his credit, never played up his recent reality-TV fame, sticking to his trademark confused waddle, off-beat clapping and occasional simian leap." Read more.

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