RHAPSODY OF FIRE Announces New Bassist

September 1, 2011

Italian symphonic metal masters RHAPSODY OF FIRE have revealed the name of the new musician who will join forces with Fabio Lione, Alex Staropoli, Tom Hess and Alex Holzwarth in the band's new and revamped lineup. German bass player Oliver Holzwarth (brother of RHAPSODY OF FIRE drummer Alex Holzwarth) has been recruited as an official and permanent member of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, and will be involved in both live performances and studio recordings.

Oliver is an excellent bass player who has toured with BLIND GUARDIAN, Tarja Turunen and SIEGES EVEN and has recorded several studio albums with BLIND GUARDIAN.

Commented Staropoli: "It's a true privilege and honor to have the two Holzwarth brothers playing together in RHAPSODY OF FIRE. I am sure it will be fantastic to have the best rhythmic section on this planet, a unique and true force of nature, on our side. I am really looking forward to hearing them shaking the stages around the world on our upcoming world tour."

Staropoli and RHAPSODY OF FIRE guitarist Luca Turilli recently announced their decision to go their separate ways.

Due to legal reasons, Staropoli will continue under the RHAPSODY OF FIRE name. Turilli, on the other hand, will make his future efforts available under the RHAPSODY moniker (RHAPSODY OF FIRE's original name),in which he will be joined by musicians Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE's latest album, "From Chaos To Eternity", was released in North America on July 12 via Nuclear Blast Records. Described by the band as "the natural evolution" from last year's "The Frozen Tears Of Angels", the CD marks RHAPSODY OF FIRE's final release based on the fantasy saga started in 1997 with the group's debut album, "Legendary Tales".

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