RISE AGAINST: Repeal Of Roe v. Wade 'Represents The Few Ruling Over The Many, Something We Rail Against In Our Songs'

June 26, 2022

RISE AGAINST has issued a statement blasting the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling Friday (June 24) that Americans no longer have a constitutional right to abortion.

The conservative-leaning Supreme Court's decision ruling came in a case involving Mississippi's request to overturn Roe v. Wade — the court's 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States — and uphold a state law that bars the procedure 15 weeks after conception.

Roe v. Wade affirmed the right to receive an abortion under the 14th Amendment, ruling that abortions were constitutionally protected up until about 23 weeks when a fetus can typically live outside the womb.

Friday's decision overturned what was previously a federal legalization of abortion and has returned the issue to individual states to decide the matter for themselves.

On Saturday, RISE AGAINST shared the following statement via social media: "The overturning of Roe Vs Wade does not represent the many corners of America we have spent over 20 years touring through. It represents the few ruling over the many, something we rail against in our songs.

"The half of America that will ban abortions have not ended abortion in their states, they have only ended safe abortion for people without the resources to travel; disproportionately non-white working class communities.

"We write this to you while touring internationally where we are reminded that we live in, not just a country, but a world that overwhelmingly supports a woman's right to choose.

"To the half of Americans who have had their freedoms stripped on this dark day, you are not alone in this battle and we won't stop fighting until your dignity is restored."

According to the Pew Research Center, a 61% majority of U.S. adults say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 37% think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents are 42 percentage points more likely than Republicans and Republican leaners to say abortion should be legal in all or most cases (80% vs. 38%).

Critics have said that tossing out the landmark rulings establishing abortion rights would tarnish the court's reputation and open the floodgates to other challenges to well-settled law.

According to CNN, nearly half of the states have or will pass laws that ban abortion, while others have enacted strict measures regulating the procedure.

Thirteen states have so-called "trigger laws" in place, which would effectively ban abortions almost immediately upon Roe v. Wade being overturned. According to Axios, the restrictions that would follow Roe being struck down by the Supreme Court would mean almost 30% of people would be more than 200 miles away from an abortion provider.

According to a Forbes, Americans largely oppose harsh abortion laws, with 75% against policies that make it a criminal offense to perform an abortion, 69% opposing policies that ban abortion six to eight weeks into a pregnancy, 80% opposing laws that allow private citizens to sue anyone who aids or abets an abortion and 63% supporting "safe haven laws" in Democratic-led states that would protect people who travel in from other states to get an abortion.

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