ROADRUNNER Signs Three New Bands

July 23, 2008

Roadrunner Records has announced the signing of three eclectic, up-and-coming new bands to an already diverse roster than includes heavyweights such as NICKELBACK, SLIPKNOT, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DRAGONFORCE, and THEORY OF A DEADMAN. Roadrunner welcomes DOMMIN, MUTINY and PORT AMORAL to the fold.

Los Angeles-based goth rock quartet DOMMIN was discovered by Dirty Icon Productions, a company founded by producers Logan Mader, former guitarist of longtime Roadrunner artist MACHINE HEAD, and Lucas Banker. Led by the enigmatic frontman, guitarist and songwriter Kristofer Dommin, DOMMIN puts a uniquely refreshing spin on the romantic, dark goth sound, bringing a unified voice to the brokenhearted, conflicted swarm of melancholic music fans who prefer to look at the glass as half-full. Veteran A&R rep Monte Conner signed the band to the label and was quick to express his excitement, saying, "DOMMIN comes across as very fresh and unique in today's landscape. Kristofer Dommin is their secret weapon. His vocals are absolutely compelling, and this is especially evident live where you can feel the power, passion and emotion of every word he sings." DOMMIN's lineup is rounded out by keyboardist Konstantine, bassist Billy James and drummer Cameron. Check out the swell of black-hued, stormy and mysterious goth rock and their video clip of fan favorite "My Heart, Your Hands" on the band's heavily trafficked MySpace page, viewable at Look for the band's Roadrunner debut, produced by Dirty Icon Productions, this winter.

New Jersey-based MUTINY, a band of young turks who play like a troupe of seasoned shred veterans and who plucked their singer from Blackpool, England, thanks to the wonders of MySpace, have also been added to the label roster. The thoroughly metallic outfit was unearthed and signed by A&R man Mike Gitter, who was blown away by the band's live firepower. Gitter says, "The band was playing at a level so early in its career that most bands never touch. With the addition of [vocalist] Chris Clancy, they verge on unbeatable. MUTINY are truly the graduating valedictorians of Generation Guitar Hero." With members ranging in age from 18 to 23, MUTINY's lineup is rounded out by bassist Andrew "AJ" Jacobs, guitarists Brandon Jacobs and Lu Obregon, keyboardist Drew Stavola, and drummer Bill Fiore. The MUTINY crew will spend the next few months toiling diligently in the Jacobs family's basement and they won't come out until they have an absolute metal classic on their hands. Turn your ear to their progressive-for-the-new-generation of metal songs posted at

Winnipeg, Canada's melodic metal band PORT AMORAL also joins the Roadrunner family. The group formed in 2004 and is comprised of a tandem of brothers, vocalist/bassist Jared Weiss and guitarist Eric Weiss. The lineup is rounded out by guitarist Andrew Campbell and drummer Matthew Hallick. PORT AMORAL were also signed by Conner, whose interest was initially sparked after hearing demos produced by Canada's John Paul Peters (COMEBACK KID, WAKING EYES) and taking in the energetic live show. "PORT AMORAL know how to craft songs with hooks and smart arrangements and their developed level of writing made me take notice," explains Conner. For a taste of the guitar mastery that turned Conner onto the band, check out a demo of the complex mini-epic "Villains" at The band will record its Roadrunner debut with Colin Richardson (BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, TRIVIUM, AS I LAY DYING) for a winter 2009 release.

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