ROB ZOMBIE Says He Will Use Original 'Halloween' Theme Music After All

March 13, 2007

Larry Carroll of reports: Last week, an Internet sensation was set in motion when "Halloween" director Rob Zombie and producer Andy Gould revealed to MTV News a willingness to revise John Carpenter's classic franchise theme song. Now, depending on who you ask, that tune is apparently being changed — in more ways than one.

"MTV misunderstood what I was saying about the music," the director posted on the "Halloween" MySpace page over the weekend. "Oh well, I am still shooting and haven't even [begun] to explore the music side of things yet."

Ending his brief message, Zombie stated: "I always planned on using the original theme since the beginning."

This undoubtedly came as a bit of a shock to those who read the MTV set visit report last week, which catalogued the copious changes Zombie is making for the August 31 release — it especially surprised this writer, who had asked the simple question, "Are you going to keep that famous 'Halloween' theme song?"

Zombie's response at the time was: "I don't know, we'll see," followed by an uneasy laugh. (Watch Zombie give his reply right here.)

He then amended that statement with: "I'm not sure about anything, because we're not done yet. You never know where things are gonna go. The plan was at some point to do that, to change it around, because the way it sounds now doesn't work with what we're doing."


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