ROBERT PLANT: Reunion With Ex-LED ZEPPELIN Bassist Unlikely

July 14, 2002

Although former LED ZEPPELIN frontman Robert Plant seems open to the possibility of putting out another album with PAGE AND PLANT, his collaboration with ex-ZEP guitarist Jimmy Page, a reunion with the band's bass player, John Paul Jones, remains much more unlikely. "My relationship with 'Jonesy' is hampered by one misinterpreted word, and that was at the first press conference that Page and I did to go with the Unledded stuff," Plant told Times Online. "The first question to me was, 'Where's John Paul Jones?' I said, 'He's parking the car' — and that was it. No cards, no hellos. I apologized and went to one meeting and got on one knee as he was walking out, to tie my shoelace as well, and said, 'John, surely now we're way too old for this?' But he just sidestepped me and walked out. But I love him and want you to know, John, that if you have me back we can go back to the one card a year."

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