ROYAL HUNT: Video Footage From 'X' Recording Sessions Posted Online

June 26, 2010

Denmark-based hard rock/progressive metal band ROYAL HUNT has posted video footage (see below) from the recording sessions for its latest album, "X", which was released in Europe on June 7, 2010 via Scarlet Records. The CD came out in Japan and Southeast Asia on January 21 through Marquee/Avalon.

ROYAL HUNT decided to revisit its roots and incorporate some of the musical values of the '70s into its songwriting as well as — in order to reinforce that particular atmosphere — employing mostly "retro" means of production (recording in analog format exclusively being one of them) for its tenth studio album. The music has been described as "an interesting mix of what's been tagged as classic rock nowadays (established by KANSAS, GENESIS, ELP's earlier works and DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP's classics from the same era) and ROYAL HUNT's trademark composition/delivery."

Commented keyboardist/main composer André Andersen: "This album came out of our love for the '70s music (tagged as classic rock nowadays) — from KANSAS, GENESIS and ELP to URIAH HEEP and DEEP PURPLE — music which was/is very adventurous while just a tad naïve at the same time (as some might say). We all are notoriously resistant to categorize it in any way, form or shape, but (if hard-pressed) would go as far as saying that it's definitely much more hard rock than metal and if by 'progressive,' you might mean some odd time signatures here and there as well as random key changes — sure, there're tons of them here… as well as really basic, simple stuff — so go figure."

"X" track listing:

01. Episode X (Arrival)
02. End of the Line
03. King for a Day
04. The Well
05. Army of Slaves
06. Shadowman
07. Back to Square One
08. Blood Red Stars
09. The Last Leaf
10. Falling Down
11. Episode X (Departure)

ROYAL HUNT last year parted ways with bassist Per Schelander and replaced him with Andreas Passmark (NARNIA, ROB ROCK, E-TYPE).

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