SAVATAGE Guitarist CHRIS CAFFERY Recording New Material For DOCTOR BUTCHER Reissue

February 1, 2005

According to a posting on his official web site, SAVATAGE guitarist Chris Caffery is in the process of recording five tracks that will be appearing on the upcoming reissue of the DOCTOR BUTCHER debut (Caffery's collaboration with SAVATAGE mainman Jon Oliva),marking the acclaimed project's 10-year anniversary. The songs being recorded are as follows: "Inspecter Highway" (described by Caffery as a "new song...written in 1992"),"Born of the Board", "Freaks", "Help! Police?" and "Bridges". The last four cuts previously appeared on the DOCTOR BUTCHER"The Demos" CD (samples),released in 1999 via Crook'd Records. Oliva is expected to lay down the vocals for the sole new track ("Inspecter Highway") this weeekend. No further details are currently available.

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