SAVATAGE's 'Gutter Ballet' Being Re-Recorded In Its Original Broadway Format

March 4, 2010

Producer/composer Paul O'Neill, who co-founded TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA with SAVATAGE mastermind Jon Oliva, told that he and company are currently re-recording "Gutter Ballet" (also the name of the second record O'Neill did with SAVATAGE) "in its original Broadway format," though there's no firm timetable on when it might go into full production. It's the culmination of a work that O'Neill began in the 1970s. Many of the songs have already had rock versions recorded by SAVATAGE, but will return to their roots for the Broadway show.

"We want to take it back to the original blues, gospel, Motown sound," O'Neill told in a December 2009 interview. "For SAVATAGE, you've got to metal it up."

He added, "Jon and I are kind of psyched to be doing it because Broadway is something we've always wanted to take on."

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