SCREAMING SHADOW Begin Work On Debut Album, Release Entire EP For Free Download

December 3, 2005

Italian melodic deathsters SCREAMING SHADOW have commenced the songwriting process for their debut album. The band have also begun shopping around for a label deal following the release of their sold-out "Inner" mini-CD last year.

In other news, SCREAMING SHADOW have made the entire "Inner" EP available for free download at their official web site, The tracks on the EP are as follows:

01. Woken Up From an Eternal Sleep (intro)
02. Inner Mask Pt. I
03. Inner Mask Pt. II
04. Primordial Rising
05. Siren - A Demon Eager for a Soul


Gofro - Vocals
Land - Guitars
Lasto - Guitars
Henry - Bass
Pollo - Drums

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