July 22, 2005

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach has posted the following message on his official web site:

"What up?! It feels good to be back in the States! These new pictures were taken at The Evolution Festival in Toscolano Moderno Italy on July 16, 5 days ago. What an incredible day that was!! We got to do the new songs 'American Metalhead', 'Blade', and 'Take You Down With Me' in front of around 7,000 Italiano rock'n'rollers and it was one of the greatest days ever! I got to hang out with the bands ENTOMBED and LORDI and play the biggest solo show I have ever done in Italy with the best band I have ever played with. We rehearsed our asses off learning 'Blade' and to see the crowd going nuts during the new songs felt great! Surf on over to the pictures page to see a ton of new pix from The Evolution Festival! Special thanks to Simone and his whole crew for taking care of me for the three days I spent in Italy! I decided to hang out in Toscolano Moderno and Bergamo Italy for two days and hang out at the beach, see the ancient old town of Bergamo and eat the finest Italian food and drink the finest Italian wine in one of the most beautiful and historic countries on the planet. What a fun summer this has been and I cannot wait to tour the whole planet when we put out the new CD in January! We are totally looking forward to our only USA appearance at 'Rock The Park'. See you soon, New Jersey!!!!!!"

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