SEBASTIAN BACH Downplays His Ego And The MUCHMUSIC Incident

August 12, 2004

In a brand-new interview with Canada's, former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach insisted that his strong character is often perceived the wrong way.

"Everyone thinks I have this insanely wild image," he said. "It's funny to me though. It's from stuff like the incident with George at MuchMusic [in which Bach walked out of the interview after Stroumboulopoulos lumped SKID ROW into the same category as POISON], but to me I'm just a rock 'n' roller. I'm a lifer, but I'm not wild or hard to work with. 'He's got a big ego?' No way. I'm just trying to make shit I'm proud of.

"I always want to be proud of my work," he continued. "That'll never change. Doing a DVD [such as his recently released 'Forever Wild'] is a blank canvas for me. I get to make something that'll be here long after I'm gone. All of my albums are unique in their own ways and I hope this DVD is in the same vein as 'Oh Say Can You Scream!' Something to be proud of that I just went out and did.

"I think a lot of musicians look at rock 'n' roll as another job they've picked — like a doctor or lawyer," he says. "It's just not like that and then they get bitter and as if the world owes them something because they're not rich and famous. Even some members of my old band were like that. Bon Jovi helped you, but those FANS are the ones who put you there… not your buddy. He put us there — I'll give him that — but the fans had to decide whether or not to accept us. I'm a fan of bands too, so I'll never forget that. Hopefully they'll appreciate this DVD and we'll keep rockin' together!"

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