November 6, 2004

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach is featured in a new documentary about late singer Jeff Buckley, "Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley", which premiered in New York City last month.

Directed by first-time filmmakers Nyla Bialek Adams and Laurie Trombley, the film features interview and performance footage of Buckley, spanning his entire life and career as well as reflections from artists like AUDIOSLAVE singer Chris Cornell, Duncan Sheik and Bach, who performed a headbanging version of Buckley's "Eternal Life" live. Mary Guibert, Buckley's mother and manager of his estate, said of the odd match in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, "If Jeff were to suddenly appear to see it, he might say it was his favorite part [of the film]."

After reading Guibert's comments in the Rolling Stonearticle, Bach said, "Well, I am absolutely speechless and more than a little emotional right now. I have just read this Rolling Stone article about my band appearing in the new Jeff Buckley documentary 'Amazing Grace' and when I read Mary Guibert's (Jeff Buckley's mother) comment in this article my eyes welled up. I am so honoured by Mary Guibert's comment. All I can say to that, is that I could never explain to anyone how much Jeff Buckley's voice and music have meant to me since I first heard it in 1994 (thanks to Bob Rock who gave me 'Grace'). I have everything ever released by Jeff Buckley (and more) and attended the church service with my family in NYC when he passed on. He was the greatest singer I have ever heard and my only regret was never seeing the man live (although I had tickets to an Arlene's Grocery show he was going to do a month or so after he died). Reading Mary Guibert's comment is incredibly cool and I certainly wish Jeff were still around to see my version of his song. I know from the book 'Dream Brother' that Jeff was a huge fan of THE FROGS featuring Jimmy Flemion — that is who I perform 'Eternal Life' with in the film, so indeed Jeff would probably have tripped out on seeing Jimmy Flemion do one of his songs. For Mrs. Guibert to say that 'He might say it was his favorite part of the film' is incredibly cool, and thanks so much to her for releasing such awesome CD packages such as the 'Grace' and 'Live At Sine-E': Legacy Editions that have been ruling my iPod for the last couple of months. Can't wait to see 'Amazing Grace'! You can see the full version of us doing 'Eternal Life' by Jeff Buckley on the 'Forever Wild' DVD, in stores now!"

As a footnote, Bach adds, "This article INCORRECTLY states that 'Sebastian Bach's SKID ROW' performed 'Eternal Life' in the film. Of course, those of you who frequent [my official web site] know that is NOT TRUE! 'Eternal Life' was only performed by my solo band 'SEBASTIAN BACH'. That's what I like about having a solo band, is the freedom to do a Jeff Buckley cover if I want, which my old band would never consider doing! If the author of the article (David Chiu) could correct this I would certainly appreciate it."

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