SEBASTIAN BACH: My New Music Blows Away SKID ROW's Latest Album

May 31, 2004

Sebastian Bach spoke to "The Metal Show" (web site) on 92.3 WXTM FM in Cleveland Sunday night (May 30) about his upcoming DVD, the VH1 reality show "I Married Sebastian Bach" and the possibility of reuniting with his former SKID ROW bandmates for another album. Asked if he has any interest in working with SKID ROW again, Bach replied, "Well, this kind of goes back to the [earlier] question you asked about am I going to do my CD with the guys I'm working with now. Here's the deal with me, and people can say I might be hard to work with, which definitely might be the case. With me, it's now who I'm working with, but what I'm working on. To some people, that equals out to 'Oh, he's difficult to work with.' Rachel Bolan would spend two years on a song, and I'd say, 'Dude, this isn't as good as what we need to be putting out in my opinion.' I loved everything we always put out with 100% of my heart. But when someone would spend three years on the same riff, I'd go, 'It's the same thing, dude. I'm sorry.' For me, when somebody says, 'Would you like to have a reunion with those guys?'... Number one, if there's any songs like '18 And Life' lying around, I'm more than happy to sing them. But judging by what they've been putting out lately, I find that highly doubtful. And number two, I have a record deal and they don't, so what do I do? Do a record for Skid Row Records? What is that? Rachel's fax machine? I ain't doing that, dude. It's not just that simple, really. For me, it sounds so trite and cliché, but it is about the music as to what I feel in my heart, so I can't just talk about, 'Oh yeah, we'll get a reunion going.' That doesn't mean anything to me. If we got together in a basement and rocked, and it was anything close to what we did before, then I'd have something to say to you, you know."

With regards to whether it pisses him off they are still calling themselves SKID ROW, Bach said, "That's why they call it that, you know. I guess that's the whole point with the message in the title ('ThickSkin'),right? I mean, I heard OZONE MONDAY music, and I said to them, 'I'm sorry, but back to the drawing board.' And they said, 'He's the lead singer. He's got a big ego...' I'm like, 'Dude, I've got to sing this! Do you understand?' When I sing 'I Remember You', I'm not trying to get into it and I'm not trying to be emotional. It's real! I can't just say, 'You wrote it, I sing it. That's the way it goes.' That's just like being in a factory, you know? That's not the way rock n' roll is, bro. It has to be from the heart. I have an open mind if there is some new music to be played, then let's go. But I've got so much music on my own right now that to me blows away what they put out."

On the fact that SKID ROW released a version of their classic track "I Remember You" as a punk song, Sebastian said, "That's like comedy. You know, whatever. To me, that's sad. Aye yey yei! Whenever I read any press, like if I'm in Barnes & Nobles, any article they ever do is just ripping me apart, and they don't have anything positive to say about anything. It's like, 'We hated all the times we were together.' That is a bold-faced lie! That's them trying to sell a new thing. Yeah, they really hated everything when they came to my kid's christening, you know. And they came to my wedding. We were fighting all the time when we were in the hospital when my son was born. Yeah! It's complete garbage, dude. I'll give it to you straight up, but when they rip apart everything that the band was, then they are trying to rewrite history. That's kind of sad."

Sebastian Bach's entire interview with "The Metal Show" can be heard online at this location.

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