SEBASTIAN BACH: Why I Chose STITCHED UP HEART As Support Act For 'Skid Row' 31st-Anniversary Tour

January 23, 2020

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach has announced STITCHED UP HEART as the opening act on his spring 2020 North American tour celebrating the 31st anniversary of SKID ROW's debut album.

Bach explained his choice of support acts in a social media post on Wednesday (January 22). He wrote: "In the 31 years since the 1st record came out, I have always prided myself on choosing killer opening bands for you to rock out to before we come on the stage. It all started back in 1992 with a little band you may have heard of called PANTERA back on the 'Slave To The Grind' tour. They released 'Vulgar Display Of Power' a month into our tour and the rest is history. After that we took out a band called SOUNDGARDEN you may have heard of them. Then it was NINE INCH NAILS! Hello Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, you've come a long way baby! And most recently SANTA CRUZ, ONE BAD SON, Monte Pittman, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS..... All of these musicians + crew, consummate professionals on quite gruelling runs! 'Cause that's the way we like to do it!

"We've been searching for a cool band for the 31st Anniversary Tour and I saw a video by STITCHED UP HEART," he continued. "I clicked on it and I really dug what I saw + heard! I think you guys are going to dig this band! They have a new record coming out so y'all got some new tunes to get into while we do the first record 'Skid Row' in its entirety, front to back! Looking forward to the tour with STITCHED UP HEART check out their video! Don't miss this show! Tickets and VIP packages available now at http://www.SebastianBach.Com"

Bach's 2020 tour will kick off on March 25 in Blue Lake, California and conclude on May 11 in San Francisco, California.

On the fall 2019 leg of the tour, Bach usually opened the 15-song set with "Tornado" — the LP's final track — and "Forever" before the singer performed the rest of "Skid Row" in order. As an encore, Sebastian played two songs from SKID ROW's 1991 album "Slave To The Grind": "The Threat" and "Monkey Business".

In June, Bach issued an "open invitation" to the other members of SKID ROW's classic lineup to "get onstage and jam" during the vocalist's recent tour. A few days later, during an interview with Finland's Kaaos TV, guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo confirmed that he would not accept Bach's latest overture. "I'm working with my band," he said. "This is SKID ROW, and this is what I do."

Drummer Rob Affuso — who left SKID ROW in 1998 and claims to be "the only former member that keeps in contact with all former SKID ROW bandmates and is still good friends with them all" — subsequently joined Bach on September 25 at Sony Hall in New York City to play the band's classic song "Makin' A Mess".

Asked by Rolling Stone if he thinks his former bandmates are offended that he put his invitation out there publicly, Bach said: "No. I think it's an ego thing. They don't like when I get attention, and they don't get attention. It's always been like that. I can already see them getting mad, because I'm selling out shows, and they're not part of the show, and blah, blah, blah."

In the 31 years since the 1st record came out, I have always prided myself on choosing killer opening bands for you to...

Posted by Sebastian Bach on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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