Seller Of GEORGE LYNCH's Guitar Says Ex-DOKKEN Guitarist's Recollection Is Incorrect

February 14, 2007

The eBay seller of George Lynch's (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) "Mr. Graffitti" ESP guitar, which Lynch claimed was "lost due to mysterious circumstances that involved some kind of theft," has issued a response to Lynch's "inflammatory comments" concerning the instrument being "lost or stolen."

The seller, who uses the eBay screenname "mdm3172", writes on the auction page: "Your [George's] recollection is incorrect. Let me reiterate that you did indeed give this guitar as a gift in October 1997 to the current owner, in front of witnesses in your home with your family members present. A lot can happen in 10 years and even more can be forgotten, which is the case here. It is unfortunate that you have chosen these means to try to sabotage this auction.

"I want to make this very clear that I am a hard-working, honest person who has never stolen anything in my life or associate with people who do so. Do you really think that if I thought there was a shred of truth to your claims that I would be stupid enough to broker this on eBay in front of the whole world? I have already promptly responded to your inquiry and find it disturbing that you choose to post blogs, pleading to your fans for any information about this guitar when you could have the authorities (law enforcement) or eBay themselves contact me directly if there were any validity to your claims. As you can see, I am very confident of the facts surrounding how the current owner established ownership of this guitar.

"I will no longer be responding to any of the obscene and threatening e-mails received regarding this matter, don't waste your time. As stated on the blog by an insightful individual, if these claims were true, this auction would have be closed by eBay immediately. I hope everybody understands that the only reason the current owner wishes to remain anonymous is to avoid all of this BS.

"Let this put to rest all of the false claims and misinformation regarding this instrument and how it was obtained. As to the serious bidders, please do not ask for this auction to be ended early. It will run the full course.

"To all of the legitimate bidders trying to ask questions, please accept my apologies if I do not respond in a timely manner due to the overwhelming number of bogus e-mails I have received today."

(Thanks: Fullshred)

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