SEVEN THORNS Recording New Album

May 26, 2012

Danish power metallers SEVEN THORNS have entered Media Sound Studios in Copenhagen with Peter Brander (ROYAL HUNT, CORNERSTONE, BIG FAT SNAKE) to begin recording their sophomore album. According to guitarist Gabriel Tuxen, "The new album will be a continuance of the first one — with a little more variation. We have put a little more tempo and technicalities into the songs."

Regarding the SEVEN THORNS vocalist situation, drummer and founding member Lars Borup said, "For the first album ('Return To The Past') we hired the fantastic Swedish singer Erik 'EZ' Blomkvist (formerly of PLATITUDE). His voice was not as high pitched as the 'common' power metal vocalists, but it really fitted our music fantastically. Erik was never a full member of SEVEN THORNS — by own choice, and it has been a wish in the band for some time to get a singer to work with full-time — and we have found that now in another young Swede named Gustav Blide. Erik has been a one of the main reasons for the success we've had for the first album and without him we wouldn't have been where we are today. Gustav is a different kind of singer — more classic power metal vocalist — only 19 years old, but with a huge potential."

For the new album, however, Gustav will "only" be doing backing vocals. The lead vocals on the new CD will be handled by David Henriksson from the Swedish power metal bands INSANIA and HEEL.

"Getting David to do the vocals on the new album is simply amazing," says composer and backing vocalist Mik Holm. "His voice is so fantastic. It will be a change in the vocal style, but for the songs on the new album David's voice will be perfect."

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