SEVEN WITCHES Guitarist Hits Back At 'Fake RATT' Singer JIZZY PEARL

July 13, 2005

SEVEN WITCHES guitarist Jack Frost has hit back at RATT/ex-LOVE/HATE frontman Jizzy Pearl for the comments Pearl made about Frost's band during a recent appearance on Ohio's "The Classic Metal Show".

Speaking on the "The Classic Metal Show Artist Takeover Show #3" in a segment that immediately followed the airing of a SEVEN WITCHES song, Pearl said, "[SEVEN WITCHES] are one of those bands that are on BLABBERMOUTH.NET every single day. You notice that? News every day, the news that's fit to print. 'AMON AMARTH parts ways with keyboardist.' 'GORGOROTH gets a new bass player.' You know what I mean? 'SEVEN WITCHES…' You know… I call them [BLABBERMOUTH.NET] the 'CNN of cock-rock,' so they have now refused to put any Jizzy-related news on their web site unless it's negative — 'Jizzy gets fired,' 'Jizzy gets hit by a car,' 'Jizzy gets herpes'… You know what I mean? That's the only news they'll print. So I'm just saying, Blabbermouth, I really dig you, I go to your site every day when I can. I know it must be hard to put rock-related news on the Internet every single day. That's why you got your boys SEVEN WITCHES out there. If you're lucky, maybe they'll need a keyboardist soon. You can alert the media about that." Download an audio clip of Jizzy Pearl talking about BLABBERMOUTH.NET and SEVEN WITCHES at this location (890 KB).

Jack Frost sent the following e-mail to BLABBERMOUTH.NET earlier today:

"Well, I wake up this morning and get a ton of mails from friends and fans. What the fuck?! This dickhead Jizzy starts slammim me. I don't even know this dude. I have to be honest, I loved LOVE/HATE. But who the hell is he sayin' shit about my band SEVEN WITCHES? He calls us 'cock rock.' Is he kiddin'? Isn't he in the fake RATT? I mean, RATT was killer back in the day with Stephen [Pearcy]. Case closed on that one.

"I just want to say if this cocksucker wants press, he will get it. Maybe I'll show up to the tour. And then he can say this to my face. Then the next day on Blabber, [the headline will say] 'WITCHES guitarist kicks the shit out of Jizzy.'

"He should stop cryin'. Didn't he write a book about being a rock star? I'm sure this was in the bestseller list at Barnes.

"Listen, dude: here's my e-mail ([email protected]). You got a problem with me, contact me. And to let you know maybe you should check out my past and see what bands I was in before passing judgement.

"Hope to hear from you.

"Now you got press, loser."

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