SEVEN WITCHES Guitarist Says SANCTUARY RECORDS 'Dropped The Ball' On Last Album

April 12, 2005

SEVEN WITCHES founding member and guitarist Jack Frost recently conducted a very candid interview with "The Hairball John Radio Show". During the interview Frost went into great detail about the evolution of SEVEN WITCHES and shared road stories from when he was in SAVATAGE. He also provided insight into the group's 2004 release "Year of the Witch" and shared his disappointment towards their ex-label, Sanctuary Records.

Jack Frost: "You know, this is our strongest record and they (Sanctuary) dropped the ball on it, they really did. They really didn't do what they should have done for us in America. You know, we thought Sanctuary buying Noise (Records) would be great, but you know what, it wasn't. We became a little fish in a big pond and before we were the big fish (with Noise) because we were very important to them. When (Sanctuary) is signing W.A.S.P., and signing DOKKEN and signing EUROPE, hey man, those are bands that are very established and will sell a lot of records and they don't have to put that much publicity into them. But with a band like us, you still gotta break us and you gotta put the time, you gotta crunch numbers and you gotta work it. But we are doing it ourselves and that's pretty much what we are going to keep on doing. As long as you look around on stage and you still smile and you're having a good time at what you are doing, it makes it all worth it."

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