SEVENDUST To Release New Album Via Band's Own Label Imprint

July 5, 2005

SEVENDUST are teaming up with innovative record label WineDark Records, which is distributed in the U.S. by Fontana Distribution, a division of Universal Music and Video Distribution (UMVD),for the upcoming release of their latest record, "Next". SEVENDUST are the Atlanta, GA-based rock group who clawed their way through the late 1990s and early 2000s with a string of hit albums, forming the backbone of a sound and attitude that defies genre classification. Beginning with their 1997 self-titled debut and continuing through to their most recent record, "Seasons", SEVENDUST, despite a self-described "roller-coaster ride," have sold nearly four million units in the U.S. alone and are poised to expand their domain to the rest of the world.

SEVENDUST commented in a statement: "It was amazing to see the reaction to what we had created from such a large percentage of the record industry. After weighing many options, we decided to sign with WineDark Records, who subsequently offered us our own record label imprint, 7Bros. Records. The excitement that we feel from WineDark Records is something we have never felt before. The end result is truly gratifying."

WineDark Records is the latest project from music industry executives Michael Powlen, Gary Katz, Camille M. Barbone, and Larry Stessel. Katz, Barbone and Stessel have previously spearheaded many artist projects and have helped amass a combined sales tally of well over 100 million records.

Powlen commented: "SEVENDUST coming to WineDark Records is the birth of a new and mutually beneficial relationship between a record company and band in which both collaborate on every aspect of the recording, marketing and dissemination of the music. These guys are successful because their music is truly original. They connect with their fans by communicating a mutual love and respect. Who they are on stage reflects their off-stage energy, sincerity and integrity, and in the final analysis, their music says it all."

SEVENDUST's fifth record, "Next", will be available on October 11, 2005.

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