SEVERED FIFTH: 'Nightmares By Design' Artwork Unveiled

September 30, 2010

SEVERED FIFTH, the San Francisco Bay Area project founded by Jono Bacon and featuring DEFIANCE guitarist Jim Adams, will release its new album, "Nightmares By Design", on October 11. The effort will be reelased on that day via and available for free in full, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

According to the band, the new set is "far more accessible and diverse" than previous releases, and it features 11 tracks with a running time of approximately 54 minutes.

"Nightmares By Design" track listing:

01. Foretold Revelation
02. Drill Down
03. Politicold
04. Fight Philosophy
05. Fallout
06. Forgotten Heroes
07. The Blackening
08. They Prey
09. End Of Days
10. Machines Of War
11. Repent

The cover artwork was created by a New Zealand-based artist named Sonia Bass and can be viewed below.

According to the band's official bio, SEVERED FIFTH "blends together Bay Area thrash with British metal, all the while infusing their wide range of influences, and delivering a tight, competent, rhythmic attack that has a constant heavy undertone. If you like metal, you are going to like SEVERED FIFTH.

"SEVERED FIFTH is not just another metal band though, but they are changing how the music industry works. Led by founder Jono Bacon's philosophy, SEVERED FIFTH make all their music freely available under a permissive license, helping to bring their fans closer to the band, and encouraging fans to use SEVERED FIFTH content in their own creative work. SEVERED FIFTH's vision is a music industry that is fairer for bands and fans."


Jono Bacon (Vocals, Guitar)
Jim Adams (Guitar)
Ben Gibbs (Drums)
Ron Crockett (Bass)

The band will make its live debut tomorrow (Friday, October 1) at Pine Street in Livermore, California.

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