SHARON OSBOURNE Blasts MOTHER TERESA: She Was An 'Ugly Old C**t In Sandals'

November 11, 2005 is reporting that Sharon Osbourne has launched a scathing verbal attack on the late Christian missionary Mother Teresa — because she is sickened by people who try to be "everything to everybody".

Osbourne, wife of BLACK SABBATH frontman Ozzy Osbourne, said she has no compassion for Mother Teresa, who died aged in 1997 aged 87.

She is quoted as saying, "Nobody is everything to everybody.

"I didn't like Mother Teresa. See? Somebody didn't like her. Ugly old c**t in sandals."

Osbourne named pop queen and Kabbalah devotee Madonna as one of three "nightmare" dinner guests, according to The Miami Herald.

"I would like to punch her," Osbourne told the British GQ. "She is so full of [bleep]. She's into Kabbalah one minute, she's a Catholic the next. She'll be a Hindu soon, no doubt."

Osbourne's other "nightmare" dinner guests included Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry of ROXY MUSIC.

Osbourne, who is no stranger to the plastic surgeon's knife herself, also had some surprisingly harsh comments for some other stars who've allegedly been nipped and tucked.

"Melanie Griffith has destroyed herself,'' Osbourne said. "She was this lovely, fresh, blond Californian girl, and now she's just grotesque — it's so sad."

Of Mickey Rourke, she said, "God! He obviously hates himself, doesn't he? If you are constantly seeking approval and celebrity then it can do that to you, which is scary."

And regarding Michael Douglas: "Now that's another terrible face job. Christ. Poor old [bleep]"

Madonna's rep took the high road. "I'd sure love to have dinner with Bryan Ferry and Madonna anytime," said spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg. "I think they're two of the most fascinating people I've ever met. Don't know Jagger. And have no idea why Sharon Osbourne finds Madonna loathsome because she has found a form of spirituality which she has studied seriously for 10 years and that gives her serenity in her life."

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