SHARON OSBOURNE: OZZY To Continue Playing Arenas

August 13, 2005

Ozzy Osbourne's wife/manager Sharon Osbourne confirmed in an interview with The Arizona Republic Friday (August 12) that this year's Ozzfest will be the last time Ozzy performs with the traveling festival.

"We're changing the format of the festival next year, and Ozzy will be going into arenas for a while. Because this outside business is just knocking the (expletive) out of him in the summer," she said.

On this year's Ozzfest tour, Osbourne has been plagued by health problems, causing him to cancel some appearances. On Thursday (August 11),he halted a song midway when his voice cracked.

"He's been having a lot of voice problems," Sharon Osbourne said. "Unfortunately for Ozzy, he suffers a lot from hay fever, and when we're on tour everything is outside. When the pollen count is high, he's just wiped out. And there's only so many things he can take for it.

"But he's struggling on."

Despite Osbourne's absence in future tours, his wife said Ozzfest will continue.

"We've proved the festival is solid as a rock, just other people will headline. And Ozzy will continue, but it is time for Ozzy to move on."

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