SHARON OSBOURNE: 'OZZY Used To Hide His Alcohol And Pills From Me'

September 12, 2019

On Thursday's (September 12) episode of "The Talk", Sharon Osbourne shared details of how she gathered evidence before busting husband Ozzy for having alcohol and pills. She said (see video below): "With Ozzy, he used to hide his alcohol and pills from me. So I used to spend a lot of time looking for 'em. And I found out where he kept his alcohol — that was in the oven, 'cause I never used it. And his pills he used to put in the socks. You know when you fold socks and put them in the drawer. They were in his socks. And so I used to go in and do a midnight raid, commando-style, and get all the stuff. And then, a couple of weeks went by, and we'd spend an awful long time in his dressing room… And then after about a month, I came in with a big tray and said, 'Are you looking for this?'"

Although he's sober now, Ozzy estimates that he took drugs and used alcohol for more than 40 years, according to Rolling Stone.

Last year, Ozzy spoke to Orange County Register about his substance abuse and how he finally became sober. He said: "I don't drink alcohol anymore…I don't smoke tobacco. I don't use drugs… I'm doing good right now. I now think, 'How did I think going into a bar and getting smashed and doing all that cocaine was fun?'"

He added: "I have come to think that if right now you had a gun, a bag of cocaine and a gallon of booze and you said, 'Take your pick,' I'd pick up the gun. It's not worth it."

In a 2014 interview, Ozzy cleared up a long-standing rumor that his 2012 relapse was caused by news that his BLACK SABBATH bandmate Tony Iommi had cancer. Osbourne told the Daily Mail: "There was no reason except that I'm an alcoholic and one day you just look outside, it's a sunny day and you know nothing is going to come between you and a beer, and then you go right down the mad slide and you're crawling around on the floor wishing you didn't have to watch another sunrise… But if you take cocaine, you can drink forever. Cocaine and booze are the eggs and bacon of the addict's world, the perfect combination. And you just can't stop."

Osbourne eventually overcame his demons but he had to watch his children stumble down the same path. He explained that he was too busy dealing with his addiction to help his kids. The rocker said: "At the time I didn't think anything, because I was off my head as well. During the MTV filming of 'The Osbournes' show, I was drinking non-stop. I was in my mad world and Sharon had to be the mum and the dad and deal with all of that."

He added: "I remember having a go at Jack, saying: 'Why? Why do it? You've never had to work, you've never had to worry, you've never had to want for anything.' And he said to me: 'Try wanting a father.' That's why I know I have to stay sober. I've got good kids."

Osbourne still attends AA meetings to stay sober. He said: "Sharon tells me I'm a bloody fool and screams at me when I'm drinking, but that doesn't stop me… But she supports me, she knows it's an illness, she knows it's part of who I am and it's only me who can deal with it and it's because I don't want to lose what I have with Sharon and the kids that I do it. No one else can cure an addict but the addict."

Ozzy admitted in another 2014 interview that that he hated attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and that he only went along for the sake of his family. He told The Sun newspaper: "Alcoholism is an illness. I don't like going to the meetings, but if I don't go, I know I will drink again. And I worry about losing everything, so I just don't want to drink anymore."

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